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How to lose business with Sophistry

Sophistry is a fast-track to losing business because you damage your reputation, brand, and trustworthiness. Sophistry is the use of fallacious arguments with the intent to deceive. The word comes from the ancient Greek word sophistes, which means an expert or wise person. The Sophists were teachers and speakers whom Plato described as sham philosophers. The […]

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How to Handle the Harry and Meghans on Your Team

Like many Americans, I’m fascinated by Great Britain’s royal family. I lived in London for three years and loved visiting Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. I binge-watch The Crown. Queen Elizabeth II exemplifies The Operator, one of our four PROM Servant Leader Archetypes (TM).  I’m dismayed by the ongoing tension with Harry and Meghan, which was on […]

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Little Known Ways To Rid Yourself of talented UN-HEROES

My UN-heroes of the pandemic award goes to big city public school teacher union officials. Teachers can make a lifelong impact. Mrs. Brayman, Mr. Brayman, Mrs. Evanoff, Mrs. Schneider, Ms. Peterson brought out my best and helped me be who I am today. Millions of kids, mostly from low-income neighborhoods, have missed the opportunity this past […]