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Stop Over-Communicating

Overcommunicate is a terrible term, because it’s imprecise, confusing, and can lead to all sorts of goofy outcomes. What, exactly, does overcommunicate mean: talk more, have more meetings, speculate out loud? We have seen the outcomes of these kinds of practices. Some teams have tried cyber-micromanagement – keeping their people on an open video line […]

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The Fastest Ways to Strengthen Your Culture During the COVID-19 Crisis

We do not know what the post-crisis new normal will look like, but we can reasonably guess that distributed workplaces will be more norm than exception. A distributed workforce creates distinct dilemmas for leaders.  Monitoring work is much easier when everyone is in one place. For some, the open-office was the ultimate micro-management tool. Even […]

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Double Your Productivity

If you could change one thing about your team’s productivity, what would it be? So, what’s holding you back from making that change? The twin crises of COVID-19 and the economic shutdown are hurting a lot of us — me and our team at Strategic Leaders Academy included. Postponed work, canceled conferences and speaking events, […]


How are You Investing in Your Team?

How are you investing in your team? I just finished reading Nine Lies About Work, a terrific book about ways to build high-performing teams. They discuss eight questions that reliably indicate a high-performing team. Here’s #8: “In my work, I am always challenged to grow.” When your employees answer “strongly agree” on this and seven other questions, there is a […]

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Avoid being Scapegoated

Want to avoid being scapegoated for the next breach?You need Total Trust alongside Zero Trust You are a new CISO in the financial services industry. You are excited about the job but anxious due to the scale of the cyber threat from a range of actors: lone-wolf hackers, organized crime syndicates, governments and their proxies, […]


Get ahead of the Cyber-threat with this one powerful habit

Get Ahead Of The Cyber-Threat with this one powerful habit You face a dizzying array of threats: lone-wolf hackers, organized crime, government-sponsored proxies, and insider threats. These groups are highly aggressive and adaptive and often operate with impunity. They threaten our businesses, infrastructure, livelihoods, and way of life. Cyber is the new frontier of freedom […]