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Good reads for business leaders on race in America

  Here’s what I’m reading about race in America. Peniel E. Joseph, The Sword and the Shield: The Revolutionary Lives of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. Eddie S. Glaude Jr., Begin Again: James Baldwin’s America and Its Urgent Lessons for Our Own The Economist, Tackling racism: The new ideology of race and what is wrong with it. […]

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Focus: 4 action steps to regaining command of your time, talent, and energy

If you want to nail your next 100 days, you need to focus. Get command of your time, talent, and energy, so that you have predictable times every week to work ON your business. You can get so carried away meeting everyone else’s demands that you allow your priorities to gather dust. You spend your time […]

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Why your D&I program isn’t working and how to fix it

You would have to be an idiot not to take diversity and inclusion seriously. Study after study shows the economic power of diversity. A diverse, high-performing team is more productive, your leaders make better decisions, and you avoid the drama that makes for a toxic workplace. The return on investment is such a no-brainer that companies spend millions […]

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Decide – stop these common errors from killing off your best moves

Decide’s Latin origin means to kill off or to sever. To make a decision thus means to kill off the alternatives. Common decision-making errors result in you killing off the better alternatives – they are short cuts to expensive failure Here are two doozies. We are living this problem right now.  People on one side […]

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Election 2020 – The Pioneer versus The Reconciler: Which one is better for America?

The Pioneer versus The Reconciler. Which one is better for America? Many of you have asked me for thoughts about the upcoming U.S. presidential election using our PROM leader archetypes: Pioneer, Reconciler, Operator, and Maverick. (Get your PROM servant leader archetype here) My articles are never partisan, and this one won’t be either. I’ll outline the healthy, average, […]

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Accountability is a four-way intersection. Accountability means being answerable to someone for something important. When you lead with accountability, you keep your commitments to your vision and mission, your employees, your customers, and your partners. Lack of accountability leads to neglect, poor performance, abuse, and backbiting. When you uphold accountability fairly, you show that you are sincere, you set the example, and you don’t […]

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Stop Over-Communicating

Overcommunicate is a terrible term, because it’s imprecise, confusing, and can lead to all sorts of goofy outcomes. What, exactly, does overcommunicate mean: talk more, have more meetings, speculate out loud? We have seen the outcomes of these kinds of practices. Some teams have tried cyber-micromanagement – keeping their people on an open video line […]

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The Fastest Ways to Strengthen Your Culture During the COVID-19 Crisis

We do not know what the post-crisis new normal will look like, but we can reasonably guess that distributed workplaces will be more norm than exception. A distributed workforce creates distinct dilemmas for leaders.  Monitoring work is much easier when everyone is in one place. For some, the open-office was the ultimate micro-management tool. Even […]