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It’s a Thin Line Between Insanity, Wishfulness, and Complacency; Don’t Cross Either 1

What insanity, wishful thinking, and complacency have in common is the belief that doing the same things over and over will create success. Einstein famously remarked that a definition of insanity was doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. Presumably, he meant better rather than worse results. We won’t get […]

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This Cognitive Diversity Boost can make President Biden (and you) Invincible

When under stress, Reconcilers, like President Biden, tend to give excessive weight to the loudest and most pious voices in the room. I’ve admired President Biden since he visited our remote outpost in Afghanistan in 2008 and praised our paratroopers in a National VFW speech. I found his sincerity and open-mindedness refreshing, and he quickly got the […]

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Being for Real in a “Fake It Till You Make It” World: Elizabeth Holmes is a Perfect Example

Fake it till you make it seems innocent enough: if you show competence, confidence, and optimism, then your power of positive thinking will deliver the results you want. Bulls–t said with conviction is still bulls–t. The fraud trial of disgraced Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes tears the mask off of Silicon Valley’s “Fake it till you make it” […]

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Powerful Forecasts: 2022 and Beyond for Consultants, Experts, and Leaders

I Focused my Forecasts for 2022 and Beyond on Trends most Relevant for Small Businesses, Consultants, and Experts. I’ll host an 8-week mastermind group in January to discuss the implications of these forecasts and others so that you can provide vital thought leadership to your clients and anticipate the future for your business. 1. The Inflation bubble bursts. […]

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2022 Prediction: Small Businesses will Fail at Historic Rates

The pressures of low or negative margins and employee turnover will create a downward spiral for many small businesses. CEOs will work longer hours and get consumed in problem-solving, which heightens the risks of expensive mistakes. They’ll lack the bandwidth to innovate, so the margins will continue shrinking until the business is no longer sustainable.