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How Veteran-Led Organizations can Compete and Win

GUTS, perseverance, bouncing back, enduring hardship – these are concepts familiar to veterans. They are useful in combat. How about in the business and nonprofit worlds? Veteran-led businesses and nonprofits can face an uphill battle. Digital technology has expanded the scale and scope of competitive interaction in the marketplace

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Motivated Reasoning : is it undermining your business?

The New America Foundation’s recent challenges with alleged research conflicts of interest should motivate all think tanks and research organizations to take a hard look at themselves. Businesses are at high risk of this problem, too. Confirmation bias results in leaders over-emphasizing the importance of information that aligns with their pre-existing beliefs while discounting disconfirming evidence.

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Radical Courage: How Leaders Maintain the Balance to Win

Radical Courage: How Leaders Maintain the Balance to Win Digital technology intensifies competition for small businesses and nonprofits. This, in turn, places extraordinary demands on leaders and teams. Sadly, many leaders fail under the pressure. We see the news stories every day, from Uber to United to Oxfam — the list goes on. These are only the most […]