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Becoming a Better Consultant  – What You Need to Know

If you are a military veteran who wants to build a meaningful, joyful, and profitable consulting business, then I have something you might be interested in to take your career to the next level. You’ve already had a military career full of extraordinary experiences, superb exemplars, and exceptional education and training. You’ve coached, taught, and […]

Fixing Bad Breath Leadership

Bad leadership is like bad breath – everyone except you knows you’ve got it. I give a lot of leadership seminars. During the top takeaways discussions, someone invariably says, “This seminar was a reminder of things I learned about good leadership …”  The problem is that the person needs to practice better leadership. They know […]

What CEOs are getting wrong about office work

CEOs are struggling with their return-to-office policies. Employees “who are least engaged,” WeWork CEO Sandeep Mathrani told The Wall Street Journal, “are very comfortable working from home.” Cathy Merrill, the chief executive of Washingtonian Media, wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post warning employees about the risks of not returning to the office. “The hardest […]

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Create best value experiences: offer employees an EVP

Is your company trapped in the doom loop of high turnover, poor execution, and poor customer experience?  This loop leads to your customers seeking alternatives, which means declining sales, lower profits, and a higher risk of bankruptcy. Organizations typically take their employees for granted, failing to invest in their well-being and future growth because they […]


What Civil War hero Joshua Chamberlain tells us about Buy-in

Buy-in occurs when your employees provide voluntary support.  A significant leadership challenge is gaining buy-in for a new initiative or one people previously opposed.  Buy-in explains the vital difference between high and low-performing organizations. Without buy-in, leaders must focus on compliance, dispute resolution, and corrective action, which robs them of time and energy for strategy […]

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Cognitive Diversity: What the best leaders look for in an alter-ego

Cognitive diversity occurs when you bring people together who have complementary natural strengths, a.k.a. Superpowers. For most organizations, ideas – details are the vital complement. The ideas people tend to be the big picture strategic thinkers, the innovators, and status quo disruptors.  Some, like Steve Jobs, are hedgehogs: they have a big idea that will […]


How the best leaders avoid being Prigozhined

Frustrated by the Ukraine war, the Russian military’s incompetence, and reported efforts to dismantle his Wagner mercenary group, warlord Yevgeney Prigozhin took over the Rostov-on-Don military headquarters and sent columns of loyalists toward Moscow in what appeared to be a coup to overthrow Vladimir Putin or capture senior military officials. After a day of drama, […]

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Anger, boredom, frustration – what happens when you optimize the wrong things

Just because you can do something does not mean you should do it. Optimization creates unintended consequences that can undermine your business. Baseball may be the most data-mined sport. Ever since the championship Oakland A’s Moneyball, big data has dominated the game.  Big data told you where and how to pitch the ball to a […]