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Building Psychological Confidence in a Hyper-Safe Workforce

Psychological confidence is the willingness to speak up respectfully, with the confidence of being taken seriously. Why it matters Organizations with high levels of psychological confidence have 27% lower turnover, 74% higher engagement, and 50% more productivity. All of this even as employees report significantly higher life satisfaction (29%), lower stress (74%), and more willingness […]

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Stanford’s Psychological Hostility: Learn to Disagree Agreeably

Stanford Law School students’ mob censorship of a federal judge was an exercise in close-minded self-harm. Psychological safety cannot co-exist with self-censorship. To paraphrase abolitionist Frederick Douglas, there can be no psychological safety when people feel compelled to suppress their views. Such self-censorship also violates the listener, who is deprived of learning those views. Why […]


3 A’s for Clear Expectations

Have you ever had a team member who underperformed? And in that case, was the cause ever because you failed to set clear expectations? You’re not alone, this happens all the time, and today I’d like to share a simple formula that I use with my clients to help them change this. Clear Expectations Lead […]