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Attract Great Talent – Learn how to Fire Employees

The people you fire become ambassadors or detractors, and everyone in your organization is watching. The economy is heading toward recession, and companies participating in the post-COVID hiring frenzy are laying people off. Ferocious firing has replaced quiet quitting. How to fire employees well You will also fire employees, whether by economic necessity or common […]

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Aaron Rodgers Shows That Leaders Need to Invest Time in New Subordinates

The best leaders invest time The best leaders that I have studied create implicit understanding with their new subordinates. Relying on implicit understanding can damage your organization. Leaders need to take the time to invest in their new subordinates. It’s as if they can read each other’s minds, anticipate their responses, and be on the […]

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Southwest and China show the Consequences of Poor Investment

Southwest reportedly uses 1990s technology to manage its crews, ground support, and aircraft. Whereas other airlines used profits and COVID subsidies to invest in better infrastructure and workforce improvements, Southwest, which used to be known for its employee-friendly and customer-centric culture, shelled out dividends to investors. When last week’s predictable winter storm hit, Southwest was alone among other […]

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Zelensky shows that Davos-man is dead

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, the anti-Davos man, shows that respected leaders bring people together for the common good. In his characteristic green t-shirt and boots, Zelensky told the U.S. Congress that support for Ukraine is an investment in the future, not charity. He comes across as authentic, confident, and self-aware: an underestimated former comedian who […]

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Change; How to deal with its Resistance

Cui Bono — Who Benefits? Asking “who benefits” is the best way to understand what appears to be strange behavior, which becomes your key to addressing resistance to innovation and change. Those responsible for specific actions are most likely to gain from them. China’s waning zero-COVID policy is a classic example. Overwhelming scientific evidence suggests that high-quality […]