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How Are You…

Jeff Marquez recently authored this piece on LinkedIn. Message from the Middle Whether you are a CEO, president, owner, or Mid-Leader, the answers to these three questions reveal a lot about your leadership and organization. Unless you are the CEO, president, or owner, you are a Mid-Leader at some level. The answers reveal how you […]

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Trust is Bonding

Jeff Marquez posted this article on Trust on LinkedIn. While looking at the spaghetti of wires under the dash of my friend Aaron’s car, I remember asking myself, what the heck was I thinking? What was Aaron thinking allowing me to touch his classic car? Well, I am installing the fourth and most difficult wiring […]


The Mid-Leader Multiplier aka Genius Maker

Jeff Marquez recently authored this piece for mid-level leaders on LinkedIn. I have advised CEOs, owners, and senior executives that if you want to get the pulse on your organization, ask the mid-leaders—the heart and soul, the core of the company, business, or agency. They straddle the strategic and tactical levels of an organization, oscillate […]

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Message from the Middle

Mid-level leaders, this is for you.   As we enter 2021, the challenges you face have never been greater:  · You must contend with all the new ideas to kick-off the new year· You must influence your boss without whining, nagging, or appearing as a threat· You need to influence your peers, so you gain buy-in and […]

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Jeff Marquez’s 4 part series in Hispanic Executive on “The Crisis Life Cycle: Where are you looking?”

Jeff Marquez authored a 4 part series in Hispanic Executive entitled “The Crisis Life Cycle: Where Are You Looking?” This series of articles covers working through a crisis and where to look to shape success. It can help assess your leadership, culture, and strategy. Part 1: RAMP: React, Adjust, Manage, Prosper Part 2: Engage Middle […]