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Message from the Middle

Mid-level leaders, this is for you.   As we enter 2021, the challenges you face have never been greater:  · You must contend with all the new ideas to kick-off the new year· You must influence your boss without whining, nagging, or appearing as a threat· You need to influence your peers, so you gain buy-in and […]

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Jeff Marquez’s 4 part series in Hispanic Executive on “The Crisis Life Cycle: Where are you looking?”

Jeff Marquez authored a 4 part series in Hispanic Executive entitled “The Crisis Life Cycle: Where Are You Looking?” This series of articles covers working through a crisis and where to look to shape success. It can help assess your leadership, culture, and strategy. Part 1: RAMP: React, Adjust, Manage, Prosper Part 2: Engage Middle […]


The Crisis Life Cycle – Where Are You Looking?

From Fear to Trust The human spirit is incredible. This COVID-19 crisis is testing the best of our humanity. Yet, we see amazing examples of humanness, innovation, unity, and sacrifice. We continue to take care of each other, educate, and engage people. Recall a question I asked in part one of this series. When we […]

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Where are you looking?

The Crisis Lifecycle Where Are You Looking? The fears are real.  Coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) is upon us and will affect every individual in some way.  Whether you are now tele-working from home with three kids “helping” you, working double shifts at the hospital, or simply hoping to feel better since your test came back […]