the counterinsurgency challenge book

The Counterinsurgency Challenge: A Parable of Leadership and Decision Making in Modern Conflict

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"Chris Kolenda is a tactical genius and strategic thinker . . . [with] an unparalleled understanding of counterinsurgency principles, he is one of our foremost COIN experts.” David H. Petraeus


by Christopher D. Kolenda (Author), Stanley A. General McChrystal (Author) A journey through the mind of a commander as he learns and adapts in a complex, deadly environment. One of the world's premier practitioners challenges conventional wisdom about counterinsurgency, using a parable to help leaders develop the mental agility to be successful.A fictional commander participates in virtual reality combat situations that illustrate the chaos, complexity, and uncertainty of modern conflict-and he fails repeatedly, learning and adapting with each set of experiences.This highly practical parable avoids checklists and formulas; it teaches leaders how to think and how to develop the mental courage to learn, adapt, and make decisions in the face of a deadly and resilient enemy.An innovative tool for developing in peacetime the mental agility and adaptability our leaders need to be successful in combat.

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The Counterinsurgency Challenge: A Parable of Leadership and Decision Making in Modern Conflict