Laura Colbert

Certified Consultant

Laura Colbert

Laura Colbert

Founder, Colbert Strategic Consulting

Laura works with small business leaders who want to boost employee buy-in, belonging, and collaboration so that they can build productive teams to take their organization to new heights.

Laura Colbert works with small business leaders who want to boost employee buy-in, belonging, and collaboration so that they can build productive teams to take their organization to new heights.

Laura is a professional speaker focusing on the “Power of Moving From Me to We” and sharing her experience as a Combat Veteran.

Laura grew up in Minocqua and Waupaca, WI. She attended UW-Madison from 2000-2006 and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology. 

She concurrently served in the Army National Guard from March 2001-2009 as a Military Police Officer. Laura deployed to Baghdad, Iraq from March 2003 to July 2004. 

After graduating from UW-Madison, Laura taught Physical Education in Aylesbury, England in 2007. 

In 2008, she worked as an Activities Director in Fargo, ND for individuals with special needs. 

Laura worked as a physical education teacher and Dean of Students at Madison West High School from 2008-2017. 

She received a master’s in Educational Leadership through Cardinal Stritch in 2011 and a master’s in Experiential Education from UW-LaCrosse in 2012. 

She assumed the role of Waupaca Middle School Principal from 2017 to 2021. 

She is now a leadership consultant and professional speaker with Strategic Leaders Academy. Her focus is helping newly promoted leaders thrive in their new positions and master their added responsibilities and challenges. 

Other ways to get to know Laura Colbert

Author of “How to Pee Standing Up/Sirens: An alarming memoir of combat and coming back home.”

Has appeared on PBS, Veteran Radio, NPR, and a variety of podcasts

Work 1:1 with Laura

Learn to lead with your best self, boosting performance and accountability in your organization.

“Laura was magical! She presented and shared her military experiences in Iraq with the Wisconsin Veterans Museum for our quarterly Mess Night program. She really made her story come to life and had the audience captivated. One of the best speakers we have had to date.”

“Laura is an incredible listener. Laura made me a better me. She made me think about different perspectives rather than settling for what is easier. She challenged me which is something that I’ve never really had in my current position. Through that, I have been able to grow as a professional and as a person. Laura has truly changed the culture and environment of our building. You are very lucky to be doing business with her!

You’re in for a treat! Laura will give you 100% of herself at all times. She will make you her priority while she is working with you and you will never feel as though you’re just a client. She has a knack for listening before talking, for making you feel comfortable, and is truly a wealth of knowledge. Laura is approachable and always has others’ feelings and interests in mind.”

“Laura genuinely cares about helping others reach their full potential, even when they don’t believe they can achieve it themselves. Laura’s optimism and enthusiasm balanced by realism allow her to inspire people while setting realistic, attainable goals. 

Laura is a person of her word. Her communication and problem-solving skills, even when under pressure, are impressive. During times of conflict, I have witnessed Laura assisting people to see the other side of an issue that they may not have otherwise considered. Diplomacy and inclusion come to mind when I think of Laura and her leadership style.”

“Laura connects with and finds what people need to be successful without being overbearing, dismissive, or taking over. She helps people to be the best version they can be. The things that seemed impossible at first became easy and simple to do. 

Laura will take what you’re good at and she will make it better. She will help you grow. Your life will be richer because of it. Laura is 100% dependable and positive.”

“Laura is an excellent listener and motivator―always looking for solutions and moving forward. Laura is amazing at researching and sharing what she has learned. I never enjoyed working with someone as much as I have with Laura. She’s dependable, flexible, easy going, and professional.”

Working with Laura is something I look forward to because it is always an interactive, solution-oriented, and enjoyable conversation.  I highly recommend anyone interested in growth to do business with Laura.  She has the skills, mindset, and attitude to help anyone she can.”

“Laura is an amazing person, leader, and consultant. She is trustworthy and actively listens. Laura shares objective approaches to problem-solving. You need to do business with Laura!”

“Laura helped our team build trust and grow together. I truly felt a sense of belonging. I achieved more confidence in my own team-building skills. I think this is unique from Laura and I highly recommend her.”

“Laura is so compassionate. She provided direct feedback and suggestions that have helped me grow as an individual and as a leader. I highly recommend Laura to deliver on the work you are looking to achieve.”

“Laura’s stories are relatable and conversational, yet inspirational and aspirational. She held the audience’s full attention throughout. Simply put, Laura Colbert is the real deal. She brought value to our event in so many ways.”

“Laura keeps her audience glued, you could hear a pin drop, her half hour presentation seemed like only 10 minutes! How do you take life head on?  How can you make a difference?  Life is fleeting, how do you accomplish your goals and have time to do the things  you love?  How do you handle the cultural differences on the international  scene?  Laura answers these questions and more!”

“I enjoyed and appreciate Laura’s facilitating. I walk away challenged to be a better person every time we meet which has allowed me to evaluate my actions and responses to do things in a better way. Grateful for Laura’s leadership!”

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