Leadership Mastery

8 Steps to Less Chaos and More Command of your Success

This is a Transformation Program.

Boost confidence and energy by leading with authenticity.

Practice Empathy so you can anticipate rather than being blindsided.

Avoid mistakes and multiply your experiences.

“Having different voices convey the same message can be very powerful. Chris’s inspiring presentation to the team is helping us create a culture of winning.”

“We faced major problems. Revenues were in free-fall. Employees were pulling in different directions. There was little integration and non progress. Thanks to Chris’s support our management and governance are highly integrated. We now have very high degrees of engagement, accountability, and ownership. His experience, knowledge, and sensitivity led to a strategy that created $2 million annually in new revenues.”

“I have a new and richer set of experiences to draw from when making decisions under stress and uncertainty. The stakes, of course, are totally different, but the discussions were highly relevant when it comes to issues like making sound risk- reward decisions that affect people’s lives; the importance of planning and preparation; and gaining and maintaining the flexibility to react to the unexpected. SLA’s Normandy strategic leadership experience is great for people who have to make consequential decisions.”

“SLA’s leader archetypes gave us a framework to discuss the ways that people lead differently and how we celebrate that diversity as we build commitment to a common culture. This is already benefiting our retention, engagement and morale.”

How this Mastery Program Works


  • Have a live 1-hour zoom session once a week, where we discuss your assignments, exchange best practices, remove obstacles, and plan action steps that get immediate results.
  • Receive step-by-step training modules that show you exactly how to implement our six Servant Leader Habits so you can achieve lasting success and impact.
  • Have weekly mentor clinic hours where you can schedule a private 30-minute call with me.
  • Receive 24/7 lifetime access to the materials and unlimited email access to me.
  • Be in a confidential peer group of high-performing leaders to exchange ideas, lessons, and best practices.

WEEK 1: Smart Start

Set your goals and deal with some self-limiting beliefs.

WEEK 2: Lead with Authenticity

Begin with your Servant-Leader Archetype.

WEEK 3: Boost your Leadership Arsenal by Multiplying your Experiences

Without becoming a bookworm.

WEEK 4: Get Great Results the Right Way

Trustworthiness, respect and stewardship.

WEEK 5: Improve Teamwork by Practicing Empathy

Your fast track to cooperation.

WEEK 6: Boost Innovation in your Team

Through responsibility and accountability.

WEEK 7: Connect the WHY

So you can build commitment to your company’s success.

WEEK 8: Apply your Top Lessons

Priorities and accountability.

Download the full Leadership Mastery Program PDF here.

BONUS CONTENT: We keep adding to this collection of terrific videos, eBooks, infographics, and other tools to help you lead well. 

Double Guarantee 

  • 30-day Money-back guarantee. Check out the mastery program for thirty days. You will know right away if this program is not for you. If that’s the case, simply let me know and I’ll refund every penny, no questions asked. 
  • 90-day Results guarantee. Complete all the work in the first five modules. If you are not seeing positive results within 90 days, I will work with you to overcome whatever obstacles might be holding you back or I will refund your investment. 

Are you a good fit for this program?