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Tom Luscher

Tom Luscher

Founder, Luscher Strategic Leaders Consulting

Tom helps nonprofit organizations to grow their revenues and impact sustainably. “After more than three decades serving our nation, I’m committed to use the expertise I’ve gained to serve my community,” Tom says.  “This has inspired me to focus on nonprofits.”

There are important differences between the military and nonprofits, but there are key similarities to build upon. “Organizationally, nonprofits are a lot like the military.  They need to be good shepherds of the assets under their control, i.e. “other peoples’ money”, and create an implementation strategy that considers sustainable growth as well as the personal growth and well-being of the organization’s workforce. Nonprofit leaders can create a path to sustainable growth if they focus on the mission while considering the strategic landscape, their competition, and their own people. High performing nonprofit organizations consistently get the 3 BIG things right: Leadership, Culture and Strategy.”

Areas of Specialization

  • Non-profits


He is committed to helping your organization thrive. A Naval Academy graduate and naval aviator, Tom retired as a Rear Admiral and has extensive experience leading large, complex organizations. He commanded a Navy squadron and a naval air base, and as a flag officer he spent three years as Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command in Norfolk, Virginia where he was responsible for the exacting execution of a $3 billion annual budget and the military readiness of 60,000 Navy Reserve Sailors. He was also a key architect of a new strategy to realign the Navy Reserve Force’s mission and workforce to support the current Department of Defense’s National Security Strategy. He led a team that leveraged over $5 million in IT efficiencies that were reinvested in a cloud computing-based smartphone communications application that greatly enhanced the quality of life of the 60,000-strong workforce, and reduced employee turnover by 30 percent.

Tom’s two decades of serving alongside reservists took him around the world and throughout the heartland of America.  He has acquired a deep appreciation for the importance of diversity in all its forms- from cultural to intellectual.  He can help your nonprofit organization grow sustainably by focusing on an inclusive and positive workplace culture, leadership development, and a strategy that focuses your organization on its mission and people.

Starting Luscher Strategic Leaders Consulting

Luscher Strategic Leaders Consulting, LLC is a franchise of Kolenda Strategic Leaders Academy (SLA), a consulting firm of former senior military leaders who have provided Leadership in peace and war, have created thriving organizational Cultures, and have developed Strategies to compete and win in a dynamic environment against ruthless competitors.

Leading Well

In this short book, you’ll learn how to master the six habits that inspire people to contribute their best to your company’s success.


Ways to Work with Tom Luscher


Do you want a professional keynote speaker to talk with your team on leadership, culture, and strategy? I’ve talked to business, NFL, academic, government, nonprofit, and military audiences. I always tailor the presentation to you, so the message inspires action for you and your team. I’m a professional member of the National Speakers Association, which means I have a proven track record of professionalism and performance.


If you want an even higher impact for your team, training and workshops are a great way to go. I teach teams and organizations on a range of Leadership, Culture, and Strategy themes, to include: how to elevate your team’s performance, how to build a culture of excellence, how to slash employee burnout and turnover, how to develop a winning strategy and how to prevent expensive mistakes. Programs for you range from half-day primers to three-day intensives, to include offsite at places like Normandy and Gettysburg.


Do you want to improve your leadership development programs, build a culture of excellence, and create a winning strategy? Unlike the big, gucci, consulting firms that are slow, bureaucratic, and stick you with junior MBAs, I work personally with you and your team, so you get results quickly and cost-effectively with no hassle.

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