Small Group, Big Results

Business Re-Emergence Mastery Program

This RESULTS program will guide you in how to re-emerge from crisis.

Designed for CEOs, Executive Directors and Senior Leaders who want their teams to emerge successfully and grow sustainably.

Your small group will be be aligned to acheive maximum results. To ensure group cohesion, membership is available by application only.

re-emergence mastery program

Protect your Team

By boosting your decision-making skills and your team’s problem-solving engagement.

Extend your Runway

By aligning work to strengths, so your employees are highly productive, even in a remote work environment.

Pivot Successfully

Into the post-crisis new-normal and economic reboot by using scenario planning to increase your agility.

Enhance your Communication Skills

As you develop ways to improve engagement and reduce fear and anxiety.

Strengthen your Culture

So that you emerge from the crisis and with more profound employee commitment.

Boost your Confidence and Energy

As you chart your team’s way forward through the crisis.

Improve your Team’s Confidence

In you and respect for you as you lead them through the crisis and into the post-crisis new normal.

You’ve survived the economic fallout from COVID-19, but we’re not out of the woods yet.

Overcome fear and anxiety that is paralyzing your team and your customers.

Focus – get your Mindset right

Protect your Team and your customers

Extend your Runway

Communicate the facts

Set your cadence

Build Confidence that you will lead your team successfully through the uncertainty.

Communicate clearly

Align – work to strengths

Chart your way forward

Boost commitment to your success

Grow resilience – fall-down seven times, get up eight

Restore Growth by setting the path, moving out, and kicking ass.

Make a game-plan

Adapt your flywheel

Make smart decisions

Prevent blindsides


“We needed a new approach and fresh ideas. Chris got us to think differently and to prioritize and focus. This has energized the organization and our membership. Conference proposals have increased by 33% and we are already $100k ahead in revenues from last year.”

“We faced major problems. Revenues were in free-fall. Employees were pulling in different directions. There was little integration and non progress. Thanks to Chris’s support our management and governance are highly integrated. We now have very high degrees of engagement, accountability, and ownership. His experience, knowledge, and sensitivity led to a strategy that created $2 million annually in new revenues.”

“Chris is so easy to work with. Leaders have so much on the plate – having someone easy to work with who listens and is interested solely in helping us achieve our goals was terrific and made it easy. Our conversion rates have increased, so revenues have already increased by about 10%. Ownership at mid-level has made our C-level jobs much easier – we can focus on the strategic challenges and not have to worry about internal problems.”

“SLA’s leader archetypes gave us a framework to discuss the ways that people lead differently and how we celebrate that diversity as we build commitment to a common culture. This is already benefiting our retention, engagement and morale.”

Download the full Re-emergence Mastery Program PDF here.

How this course works


  • Participate in weekly, live 1-hour zoom work-sessions, where we discuss your assignments, solve problem, remove obstacles, and plan action steps that get you immediate results.
  • Unlimited email access to me.
  • Weekly open office hours where you can schedule calls to ask questions, vet ideas, and solve problems.
  • 24/7 lifetime access to the materials.
  • Confidential peer group to share ideas, lessons, and best practices.

WEEK 1: Smart Start

Situation, vision, mission, goals and values.

WEEK 2: Focus

Get the mindset right, set the cadence and reduce firefighting so you recover time to think.

WEEK 3: Reload the Team

Get the right people in the right seats on the right bus.

WEEK 4: Strengthen your Culture

Boost commitment and productivity as you protect your team and customers.

WEEK 5: Get Moving

Five scenario-planning steps so you define success and bracket uncertainty.

WEEK 6: Make Smart Decisions

Avoid expensive mistakes and unforced errors as you move forward.

WEEK 7: Build Resilience

Deal with success and set-backs; measure, learn and adapt.

WEEK 8: Finish Strong

Finalize and execute your 90-day action plan – set the path and move forward.

BONUS CONTENT: We keep adding to this collection of terrific videos, eBooks, infographics, and other tools to help you lead well. 

Double Guarantee 

  • 30-day Money-back guarantee. Check out the course for thirty days. You will know right away if this course is not for you. If that’s the case, simply let me know and I’ll refund every penny, no questions asked. 
  • 90-day Results guarantee. Complete all the work in the first five modules. If you are not seeing positive results within 90 days, I will work with you to overcome whatever obstacles might be holding you back or I will refund your investment. 

Are you a good fit for this program?