The Saber Six Foundation’s Fallen Hero Honor Ride 2022

The Saber Six Foundation helps people achieve their dreams.

Mission: The Saber Six Foundation honors the memory of the six paratroopers from Chris’s unit who were killed in action in Afghanistan by 1) helping our unit’s veterans and families recover from combat’s psychological injuries and achieve new dreams, and 2) supporting a Rotary Club of Milwaukee scholarship endowment in their names.

The 800 paratroopers in our unit (The 800) are approaching the most dangerous periods of their lives. Their average age is between 35-45 years old, and they are entering the lowest point of happiness for most people, which bottoms out around age 47-48.

Over 7,000 American service members were killed in the post-9/11 wars. Over 30,000 have died by suicide — that’s four times higher than combat fatalities. Many others suffer substance abuse, broken relationships, depression, and other challenges.

It’s not uncommon for veterans to point to their time at war as the happiest of their lives. They have a keen sense of purpose and belonging, common dangers, and the belief that the people around them have their backs. At ages 18 – 25, they are also at the top of the happiness curve.

Here’s what happens: you leave the unit or the service and lose that sense of purpose and belonging. You start to think that nobody gets me, nobody’s got my back, nobody can help me. You feel alone in a crowded room. The problems begin here.

Some find new purpose and belonging — their happiness curve is relatively flat. Many drift into mid-life crisis and struggle. Others go into free fall and are at high risk for the worst outcomes.

We want to flatten the curve for the 800 and their families.
First, we want those struggling to get the support and guidance to bounce back stronger. We will assist those in free fall to get the care they need to lead healthy and happy lives. Finally, we want to help those thriving soar to new heights, and they’ll inspire others.

Our heroes were willing to die to protect our freedom and way of life. Their lives are worth living. Help our heroes build dreams to live for.

Ways to be a Hero for our Heroes:

  1. Join Chris for part (or all) of the Fallen Hero Honor Ride (donate or raise $250 per day to join)
  2. Sponsor Chris for $1 per mile ($1700) and get:
    • A personalized Fallen Hero Honor Ride cycling jersey
    • A personalized thank you video from Chris during the ride
  3. Donate online here
  4. Send a check to The Saber Six Foundation, 2245 N Lake Drive, Milwaukee, WI, 53202
  5. Share this opportunity with your friends
  6. Designate the Chris Kolenda Saber Six Foundation as your Amazon Smile charity of choice